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You have within you the potential to burn fat twenty-four hours a day, as this book explains in twenty-four, easy-to-follow sections. You have the power to switch on the hormones that tell you when you are full and suppress those that signal hunger to the brain, for hours at a time. Even as you sleep you can harness that power to maximum effect.

The trick to successful slimming is to work with your body, not against it. Your body was never the enemy, so don’t fight it. There’s no need: The Body Clock Diet teaches you to eat, drink and exercise in harmony with your circadian rhythms. Doing so stimulates metabolism and promotes fat burning, eliminates cravings and engenders a healthy attitude to food. It’s only natural.

This is your essential fat burning toolkit, with all the expertise you need to set your biological clock to fast and permanent weight loss – morning, noon and night.

On The Body Clock Diet you will discover:

  • How to time your meals to maximum effect
  • How to switch to fat-burning mode while you sleep
  • How to switch off hunger hormones and switch on appetite suppressant hormones
  • How you can eat high fat, high calorie foods and still lose more weight than you would on a low fat, low calorie diet
  • How to ensure that your metabolism is firing on all cylinders
  • How stress can contribute to fat gain, and how to block its effect
  • How to use exercise to maximise fat burning

By eating the foods the human body was designed for you can expect to not only lose weight but also to reduce your chances of developing the ‘diseases of civilisation’ created by modern diets. Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and many cancers are among the many serious health conditions that can be prevented by eating the right diet. Welcome to the right diet.

Fully referenced and drawing on robust scientific evidence throughout, The Body Clock Diet is the diet for all humans.