iwishbookI Wish I Hadn’t Eaten That 

Published by Hay House

Based on 17 years of experience as a nutrition consultant, this book is about the consultation, the client and the results. I describe the twenty most common symptoms clients want to address*, and my approach to dealing with those symptoms through diet. The key, of course, is to discover the cause underlying each health problem, and that is precisely what this book will help you do. It will then guide you to the dietary changes required to make those symptoms go away.

*lack of energy ~ weight gain ~ bloating ~ poor memory and concentration ~ mild depression ~ headaches ~ mood swings ~ food cravings ~ acne ~ constipation ~ diarrhoea ~ poor circulation ~ insomnia ~ premenstrual syndrome ~ period pain ~ dry skin and eyes ~ aching joints ~ skin rashes ~ water retention ~ frequent colds.

From the introduction:

I sometimes think of my clients as the walking wounded. More often than not, they look fine enough. Indeed, they don’t usually have any diagnosed medical condition as such. They hold down jobs – sometimes very important ones at that – and bring up children whilst running busy households. Their juggling skills are heroic. Most – but by no means all – of my clients are women and their narratives reveal extraordinary multi-tasking skills. But hardy as they appear, inside they are struggling with exhaustion, stress and anxiety about their health…

Making dietary changes can be extraordinarily effective. It does require effort; the client does all the work, based upon recommendations made. But the pay-off for this approach is empowerment for the client, not to mention results…

This book will help you identify the underlying dietary origins of your particular cluster of symptoms and work on those origins through nutritional means. It is utterly pointless to look for remedies for symptoms without first identifying the reasons they arose…

Dealing with the same symptoms over and over meant that, in time, I came to identify the most likely diet-related causes of those symptoms. Each chapter of this book (apart from the Meal Ideas chapter) I devoted to one of those causes. I have outlined exactly what I would do if you were my client suffering from one or more of the ‘top 20’ symptoms. I will guide you to making the right dietary changes for you by first identifying the underlying factors affecting your health, and then working out how you need to adapt your diet to have a therapeutic effect – that is, to eliminate or reduce your symptoms.