Food, and how to make a healthy meal of itIndie Book Bargains

A guide to eating and drinking well

Food can be good, and it can be awful. It can make you feel fantastic and full of vitality, or downright sick. It can be an intensely pleasurable or utterly miserable affair. The best food – and drink – should create a divinely pleasurable experience that also makes you feel great and promotes your good health. It’s not too much to ask.

 This book guides you towards the food and drink that fit that criteria. It is a practical guide to what’s best to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks. It is packed full of facts on what (and what not) to eat and drink, and why. It will tell you what the food and drink you choose can do for you, and to you. Each chapter covers the most common conundrums faced by the discerning consumer, such as:

  • Is margarine really healthier than butter?
  • Which oil should I use for cooking?
  • Is a breakfast bar really a breakfast?
  • Is a cooked breakfast ever a healthy option?
  • Don’t eggs and meat contain cholesterol, and isn’t cholesterol bad for you?
  • Should I cut down on the carbs? And what is the glycaemic index, anyway?
  • How do I avoid the post-lunch slump?
  • What should I pack in my lunch box?
  • How about dairy foods?
  • Should I avoid tinned food?
  • Why is oily fish good for me? What if it’s farmed? Or organic, smoked or all three?
  • How can I get vitamin D when there is no sunshine and it’s winter?
  • What are the best snack foods, and why?
  • Is it true that chocolate can be good for you?
  • Should I worry about fluoride being added to the water supply? How about chlorine?
  • Should I drink decaffeinated coffee?
  • What’s the best option when it comes to alcohol?


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The in-depth information you’ll find in this book is evidence-based and fully referenced. I have sifted through the marketing and myth to bring you the most robust scientific research into the effects of food and drink on your health and your risk of avoiding – or developing – chronic disease.

Food, and How to Make a Healthy Meal of it is also a celebration of real food and an antidote to so many pointless dietary regimes of joyless abstinence. Enjoy.