The Body Clock Diet

The Body Clock Diet: 24 ways in 24 hours to achieve your ideal weightThe Body Clock Diet

The Body Clock Diet is the ultimate weight loss toolkit – a clear and concise guide to everything that is known about how the body gains and loses weight. Presented in twenty-four straightforward sections, The Body Clock Diet enables the reader to burn fat twenty-four hours a day, even during sleep. The trick to successful slimming is to work with the body, not against it: the human body houses a finely tuned biochemical clock that works with near twenty-four hour precision. Learning to eat, drink, sleep and even exercise in tune with the body’s circadian rhythms stimulates metabolism and promotes fat burning, eliminates cravings and engenders a healthy attitude to food. On The Body Clock Diet the reader will learn: how to time meals to maximum effect; how to switch to fat-burning mode during sleep; how to switch off hunger hormones and switch on appetite suppressant hormones; how to ensure that the body’s metabolism is working to maximum capacity. Weight loss is not the only positive outcome that can be expected from following The Body Clock Diet: it is an approach that can lead to improved energy and vitality and reduced risk of developing chronic disease such as heart disease and diabetes. The book is fully referenced and draws on robust scientific evidence throughout.