The Body Clock Diet

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The Body Clock Diet is the only diet that takes into account every successful approach to weight loss. It is entirely based on sound evidence of what is proven to work. Why rely on just one way, when there are twenty-four?  Put those twenty-four approaches together and the effect is extraordinary.  The amazing thing about this weight loss strategy is that you work with your body, not against it, so there is no hardship, no pain .. it is pure weight loss wisdom, made easy. By eating the way nature designed you to eat you can have the body nature designed you to have. Your body was never the enemy!

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Body Clock contents

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Sample page  ‘Sleep it Off’  ‘Way’ number 18. Sleep it off. Find out about your circadian rhythms, how your body switches to burning fatty acids and ketones during sleep and the benefits of intermittent fasting.

Sample page    Belly fat sucks  Read about the cortisol cycle and how the stress hormone cortisol affects metabolism, blood-sugar, creating unwanted and unhealthy abdominal fat.

Sample page  Cooking oil alert!  How certain vegetable oils – the ones you are probably using for cooking – promote unnecessary fat storage and are fuelling the obesity epidemic by over-stimulating insulin production.

Sample page   Time for tea  ‘Way’ number 2. Drink the right kind of tea. How chemicals in tea called catechins can encourage metabolism and fat burning.

Sample page   Jettison the juicer  ‘Way’ number 4. Jettison the juicer Read about how fruit juices not only make you fat, they don’t do your arteries any good either. The fruit sugar they contain – fructose – stimulates the production of damaging ‘advanced glycation end products’, proteins which acculuate along the artery wall.

Sample page   Your storage capacity   We’re all potential big box warehouses. The truth about exercise, and why it doesn’t work without appropriate dietary changes. With the right dietary changes, exercise can have amazing effects on your adipose tissue.

Sample page  Your first meal ‘Way’ number 5. Eat when you’re ready.  Eating first thing in the morning will not help you lose weight.  “The awakening cortisol response” and why you should wait before having breakfast.