Top 20

It’s a common scenario – you’re perfectly healthy … but not very well. You’ve been to the GP, had the tests, got the all-clear, but still ……The 20 most common symptoms that most affect healthy people (randomly ordered).

Number 1: Lack of energy

Number 2: Weight gain

Number 3: Flatulence/bloating

Number 4: Premenstrual syndrome

Number 5: Insomnia

Number 6: Acne

Number 7: Skin rashes and itching

Number 8: Frequent colds and infection

Number 9: Water retention

Number 10: Headache

Number 11: Period pain

Number 12: Aching joints

Number 13: Diarrhoea

Number 14: Constipation

Number 15: Cravings

Number 16: Poor memory and concentration

Number 17: Mild depression

Number 18: Dry skin and/or eyes

Number 19: Poor circulation

Number 20: Mood swings